Communication and Connection: Improving Efficiency in Relationships with Erika Ng

Want to Join the Beehive? Gain Access Here. Please leave a rating and review for the show. Today we’re talking Connection! This time, we’ve got a communication expert, Erika Ng, joining me, to dish out some serious wisdom on effective communication and how it can level up your relationships and boost your efficiency. We discuss […]

The Evolution of Women in the Workplace with Victoria Pelletier

Want to Join the Beehive? Gain Access Here. Please leave a rating and review for the show! This week we’re talking to Victoria Pelletier. Victoria is a corporate executive and a keynote speaker, and just a really inspirational person. I have had the privilege of knowing her for about two years and follow her on […]

Automated Party Planning with Virginia Frischkorn

On this episode we have Virginia Frischkorn, founder of Party Trick – an event planning software that helps save time and reduce stress. We dive into Virginia’s personal productivity hacks, such as delegating tasks, using task manager Asana, and creating standard operating procedures (SOPs). Virginia emphasizes the importance of automating, eliminating, and being intentional with […]

B | Bank Knowing Your Net Worth and How to Calculate it with Audrey Faust

Hey Friends, Today we’re talking about my favorite topic- BANK! Audrey Faust joins me to talk about money management. As a fellow Fractional CFO we had the chance to dive into why knowing your net worth is essential and how to calculate it. Audrey’s mission is to empower women entrepreneurs to master their money and […]

Conquer Ninja with Jake Marshman

Conquer Ninja Gyms Founder & CEO Jake Marshman shares his productivity tip on this episode of Efficiency B. During our conversation we talk about: Time Management Working Efficiently on tasks And Work Life Balance Jake is the Founder & CEO of Conquer Ninja Gyms. Conquer Ninja Gyms provides a gym for individuals and families to […]

Successful As F*ck with Riah Gonzalez

C is For Connection! Today we’re talking about connection, but more specifically success and how you define what success means to you both professionally and personally.   Joining me today is Riah Gonzalez. Riah entrepreneur, speaker, and author of Successful as F*ck: A No BS Tale of Screwing Up and Succeeding Anyway! Riah also created […]

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