Fall in love with your future self.

After a century of feminist progress, women still feel obligated to cook, clean, be the primary caregiver, have all the answers, look fantastic, and do everything with a smile. 

Through hard work and self-discovery, Melissa Leon has learned lessons about “having it all” that are too important to keep to herself. Her book helps any ambitious woman stop wasting time, money, and all her awesome potential.

Using the five pillars of the B.I.T.C.H. learning path (Bank, Inbox, Time, Connection, and Harmony), you, too, can build efficiency and develop a growth mindset to get exactly what you want. Finding newer, easier, and faster ways to do the things you don’t enjoy, for example, will clarify your choices. Knowing how to identify a “lead domino” and take one step in the right direction can result in positive, lasting change. 

You can have it all. You don’t have to settle for less, fear burnout, or worry about what tomorrow will bring. Efficiency Bitch shows you how to fall in love with your future self and live the life you deserve.

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What is an efficiency Bitch?

Efficiency Bitch™ (n.): A strong woman who is unstoppable in her pursuit of her dreams. An Efficiency Bitch (EB) is a positive influence

She refuses to let gender norms, pressure from political ideologies, and cultural stigmas define her goals and life path. She uses self-reflection, others’ ideas, and her instincts to drive change. 

She strives for maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. She chooses the people in her life carefully and never allows anyone to dim her light. She balances her life to spend time with her family, her passions, and herself. She lifts others up, both men and women, demanding the same level of expectation and opportunity.

She counts her blessings and knows that her life is different from everyone else’s. She understands where she came from and knows where she is going. She takes responsibility for her path, her choices, and her future.

Money touches everything. Learn how to evaluate how you spend money to live your life to the fullest.

Manage your inbox (and, therefore, the flow of your outbox), to gain the mental and calendar clarity to chase your dreams.

The great equalizer. Learn to spend time intentionally to avoid running out of it before you get started.

Relationships control much of our ability to live efficiently. Learn how to prioritize the ones that matter and filter out the ones that don’t.

The bow that ties it all together. Find harmony in all that you do, to live the life that you deserve.

Meet the Author

Melissa Leon is a 20-year finance and accounting professional passionate about teaching women to manage time and money. Melissa co-owns Two Sense Consulting (a Bookkeeping and Fractional CFO firm) and is the Podcast Host and Author of the #1 Best Seller “Efficiency Bitch, How Ambitious Women Can Have It All Without Doing It All.” 

Melissa has climbed the corporate ladder while raising three small children and uses B.I.T.C.H. Melissa shares “Efficiency Bitch is more than a catchy title, it’s who I am. In my book, I share how the title originated, why I use it, and the stigma behind the “B-Word”. I walk the walk: I built a business while working full-time, writing a book, launching a podcast, and raising a family. I’m busy in all the right ways. Never burnout. It’s all about finding five minutes today to make every day after easier.  I manage my life by focusing on five key areas: Bank, Inbox, Time, Connection, and Harmony. My goal is to leave women feeling empowered with the tools to help them live their best life.

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Women With a Vision

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“As a child, I absorbed the rules of the patriarchal society and understood the derogatory term ‘bitch’ meant I should never be too aggressive in pursuit of my dreams. Then the invisible load crept its way into my mind. As a Millennial, female professional, I see women before me who felt they had to choose between a career and a family. If they were brave enough to attempt both, they became subject to ‘burnout’. I dare future generations to refuse to choose…

… No matter what phase of life you are in there is always room to improve. The grass is not greener on the other side, but it is greener where you water it. We won’t let the past dictate our future, and we won’t let the women before us down by giving up now. We are the beginning of a new feminist era. We are a new kind of bitch. An Efficiency Bitch.”

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