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Today, we’re talking about harmony – that elusive balance we all crave in our busy lives.


As a mom, a business owner, and someone navigating the corporate world, I get it. The juggling act? It’s real. But here’s the thing: knowing when to stop juggling and focus our energy intentionally? That’s the key.


In this episode, I’m getting real about my own journey. Yep, I’m spilling the beans on a major decision I’ve made – leaving my corporate gig to dive into the world of self-employment. Terrifying? Absolutely. Exciting? You betcha.


This shift is all about seeking new ideas, embracing flexibility, and fueling that creative fire. And guess what? With change comes… more change! I’m hitting pause on the Efficiency Bitch Podcast for a bit to make room for something fresh – a show geared towards helping small business owners master time and money management.


To my incredible listeners – thank you. Your support has meant the world to me. And hey, as we navigate these changes together, I promise one thing: valuable insights and actionable tips are on the horizon. So, stay tuned for the revamped podcast – it’s going to be epic!

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