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Welcome to the Efficiency Bitch Podcast! Today we’re delving into the realm of connection with Nicole BZ. Nicole cut her teeth in small businesses, local economies, and optimizing 21st-century technology for visionary leaders. A die-hard fan of all things creative, connection, and community, BZ weaves her passions with her expertise empowering business owners and CEOs to make their dreams their reality. BZ has worked across the globe and industries, and is currently obsessing over Web3 and making NFTs the next big thing in your business.

During our conversation we talk about: 

  • Definition of business as taking yourself seriously
  • The power of numbers in business and finance
  • Scaling your business sustainably
  • Imposter Syndrome and overcoming Challenges. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, investing in what truly matters sets the stage for success. I urge you to identify your values and embrace the journey, emphasizing continuous learning and growth.

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