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In this episode of the Efficiency Bitch Podcast, host Melissa Leon interviews Amy Singleton, a digital marketing expert and owner of a marketing agency in Oklahoma City. Amy shares tips for effectively communicating with clients by telling stories that position the client as the hero, rather than focusing too much on your own business’s story.

She advises choosing just one or two social media platforms to focus on, rather than spreading yourself too thin trying to be everywhere. Amy and Melissa also discuss the importance of showing up authentically across all areas of your life, from social media to community involvement, to build trust and connection with potential clients. Overall, they explore practical strategies for improving communication, connection and marketing through storytelling, social media focus, and genuine relationship building.


  • Communicate with clients by telling stories that focus on them as the hero, not your business’s story

  • Choose just 1-2 social media platforms to focus on rather than spreading yourself too thin

  • Commit to one marketing strategy long enough to see results

  • Show up authentically in all areas of life to build trust & connection

  • Help clients evolve over time through free offerings and education

  • Use storytelling frameworks like Story Brand to craft compelling messaging

  • Provide free value to nurture relationships over time

Amy and Melissa provide marketing tips for effectively communicating through strategic storytelling, choosing social media focus, and building authentic relationships. By positioning clients as the hero in stories, committing to strategies long-term, and showing up genuinely across all platforms, business owners can improve their marketing and connections with customers.


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