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Today we’re talking with Whitney Alexandra. Whitney is a Performance Coach for top women entrepreneurs who want to create limitless wealth and a fabulous life beyond their wildest desires. She guides entrepreneurs out of overwhelm and into their first taste of real freedom, joyful growth, and their first six-figure months.

Whitney’s spent the past 20+ years helping powerful business owners unlock their peak potential. Through her signature approach rooted in evidence-based performance coaching strategies, Whitney’s clients experience transformational shifts in a fraction of the time—often up-leveling every area of their lives and businesses in a matter of mere months.

She loves teaching women entrepreneurs how to build their business and goals around DESIRE. SMART goals are out – her proven system breaks through your current income level and hits a new level of income. Whitney loves teaching women how to visualize their next level self and become HER fast.

During our conversation we talk about:

DESIRE and how this drives better business results for women entrepreneurs?

Why SMART goals are out and what method to use instead

And the best way for you to become your next level self.

Connect with Whitney: [email protected]

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