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Hey, welcome to the latest Efficiency Bitch Podcast! This time around, I sit down with the incredible Sabrina Ramirez to talk about something near and dear to both our hearts: the power of connection in the business world.

Sabrina’s got some serious insight into teaching folks how to really relate and connect with customers. She’s all about those first impressions, especially the impact they have on customer loyalty—especially from the front desk crew in any business.

We dive deep into how communication and connection are the absolute keys to success in any business relationship. We cover everything from body language to eye contact, aiming to make customers feel genuinely valued.

What I found fascinating was Sabrina’s undercover-style observations in coffee shops and restaurants, looking for areas where businesses could seriously step up their game.

We also touch on the vital role of empathy in resolving conflicts and the necessity of brushing up on those interpersonal skills in our post-pandemic world.

Stay tuned until the end—I’ll hook you up with ways to connect with Sabrina for some further guidance. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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