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Welcome to the Efficiency Bitch Podcast, where we unpack the magic of balancing careers and family life with a touch of efficiency. I dive into the acronym “BITCH”: Bank, Inbox, Time, Connection, and Harmony, showing how these aspects can blend for an awesome, balanced life.

In today’s episode, I’m joined by the incredible Genesis Kemp, a podcast host on a mission to educate, inspire, and foster diversity and inclusion. Genesis shares her journey starting from personal loss, finding solace through podcasting and writing, mirroring my own healing and connection through the microphone.

We delve into the vital role of human connection, bonding over personal losses and the silver linings found in challenging times, even amidst what felt like the world ending in 2020.

Excitement buzzes as we talk about Genesis’s book, “Chocolate Drop in Corporate America,” bridging into the significance of connection, a topic we both explore extensively. We delve into how the company we keep shapes us, recounting personal experiences of evaluating friendships and the value of authentic relationships in all aspects of life.

We discuss family relationships and the sensitivity around sharing dreams with those who might not grasp or support them, sharing personal experiences of evolving familial dynamics.

Wrapping up, I urge listeners to choose their companions on life’s journey wisely, likening it to choosing seatmates on a bus ride. Mindfulness in the media we consume, the impact of social media explored in “The Social Dilemma,” and the power of podcasting to expand networks take center stage. We recommend reverse engineering goals, surrounding ourselves with mentors, and embracing constructive criticism for personal growth.

Genesis shares her website for continued connections, and we sign off with warm closing remarks and an invite for listeners to subscribe and share their thoughts through reviews. Thanks for tuning in!

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