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Hey there,

In this episode, we’re exploring self-compassion and finding harmony.

Our inspiring guest, Kamini Wood, shares her journey from people-pleasing and perfectionism to becoming a human potential coach. She helps individuals understand limiting beliefs and find harmony.

During our conversation we discussed


  • Discover the “locus of control” concept—empowering yourself by focusing on what you can control and choosing your response.
  • Your inner critic isn’t you—it’s a mix of suggestions. The pandemic has shown the importance of understanding multiple perspectives.
  • Self-compassion means choosing kindness over judgment, embracing shared humanity, and learning from mistakes. It’s a mindset shift that fosters growth.
  • Embrace self-trust and learn from your mistakes. Self-acceptance is vital in recognizing all parts of ourselves.

We discuss managing anxiety, the pressure of being late, and self-care. Prioritize self-care through activities like meditation, exercise, and journaling

Join us for an enlightening episode on self-compassion and harmony. You’re the master of your own destiny!

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