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Joining us today is Tess Waresmith. Tess is a financial coach and the founder of Wealth with Tess, a financial education platform that helps corporate women and entrepreneurs in their 30’s/40’s (and beyond) learn how to grow their money using simple investing strategies so that they can have the financial independence to retire comfortably, chase their dreams, and live life on their terms.

After losing 80k in bad investments in her twenties, Tess learned everything she could about wealth building and built her net worth to 1 million as a single 35 year old woman.

Now she’s helped thousands of women learn how to grow their money using simple investing strategies anyone can do (even if you’re short-on-time or a total newbie investor). Thousands of women have attended her free investing workshops, hundreds of women have joined her small group coaching programs, and she regularly shares simple money tips for free on instagram at @wealthwithtess.

 She shares some simple strategies for women to supercharge their money. Tess shares her personal journey of conquering financial fears and her passion for women’s financial empowerment.

We tackle the complexity and jargon around finance, especially for women, and explore how upbringing and parental influence shape our money mindset. We offer tips to simplify your financial journey and get started with investments.

Our favorite strategy? Buying and holding index funds for long-term growth and diversification.

We also emphasize the importance of teaching kids about investing and building generational wealth.

And for you, we have a free Savvy Investor Starter Pack and more resources on my Instagram page.

Thanks for joining us! Leave reviews, reach out with suggestions, and remember, you’re awesome.

Stay fabulous and efficient, Melissa 🌟

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