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Join me in this episode of the Efficiency Bitch Podcast, where I dive into a mission that’s all about helping fellow women find the perfect harmony between their careers and families. Intrigued by the acronym “bitch,” representing bank, inbox, time, connection, and harmony, we’re all about nailing efficiency in managing life’s demands.

Get ready to meet the wonderful Beverly Bowers, is a retired financial planner who has been solely responsible for her financial life over 25 years. Her passion is to make investments understandable—dispel the mystery and simplify the investment process. In 2021 she self-published a book, How to Dress a Naked Portfolio, a Tailored Introduction to Investing for Women. https://bevbowers.com/how-to-dress-a-naked-portfolio/

I reveal the drive behind my book, addressing women’s financial engagement. Picture this: building a portfolio as shopping in different stores. Let’s chat goals, distinguishing saving from investing based on timeframes, and understanding risk. I underline the need to outpace inflation and establish an emergency fund. Start slow with investments, folks, and get yourself a nicely diversified portfolio.

Next stop, asset allocation! Whether you’re a young hustler or seeking lower risk, we discuss the scoop on crafting your investment mix. 

Remember to fact-check TikTok “financial gurus” and research thoroughly. Tailor your investment journey to your unique life. Reach out with feedback and ideas on Facebook and Instagram at Efficiency Bee. Let’s ride the efficiency wave together!

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