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Hey there! Today, we’ve got Sandy Webster with us, who’s an expert at coaching women business owners on scaling their businesses and using advisory boards for decision-making.

Sandy will explain what an advisory board is – it’s like a group of handpicked experts who volunteer to give advice and support. She’ll share how she formed her own advisory board and how it helped her make crucial decisions and save time where she lacked expertise, like when hiring a salesperson.

You know, a lot of folks try to do it all in their business, but Sandy will tell us why it’s better to find experts who can help us out. Paying for the right expertise can save us time and open up new opportunities. Sure, it can be tough on a budget, but time is money, right?

Sandy’s got some great tips for finding the right board members with the skills you need – finance, marketing, HR, you name it. Having the right people on board can set your business on the path to success, and she believes in having everyone in the same room during meetings to get things done efficiently.

We’ll also chat about the importance of managing your time with automation and how Sandy color-codes her calendar to stay organized. Plus, she’s got some cool ideas to share about using both digital and paper calendars for different purposes.

So stick around, it’s gonna be an awesome conversation!

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