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Today, we’re diving into the topic of harmony and exploring sobriety with guest Casey Davidson. Discover the fears and benefits of quitting alcohol, finding non-alcoholic drink options, and the need for support systems. Join us for an empowering conversation on finding balance and improving your life. 

Casey explains that she was a red wine drinker for most of her adult life but started questioning her drinking patterns as a parent. She eventually took a break from alcohol and has now been sober for seven and a half years. Casey now helps other women who are curious about sobriety by coaching them and offering resources through her podcast and course.

We discuss the initial fear and resistance that often comes with the idea of giving up alcohol and agree that life without alcohol feels simpler and less complicated. We also discuss the benefits of sobriety, such as improved sleep and energy levels. I share my own experience of going alcohol-free and how it has changed my life.

The conversation explores the challenges of socializing without alcohol and the importance of finding enjoyable non-alcoholic drink options. Everyone’s journey is different and it’s important to approach quitting drinking from a behavior and habit change perspective.

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