This week we’re talking about the evolution of the word “bitch” with the creators of Virgin Beauty Bitch Podcast, Christopher and Heather. They share personal stories on reclamation of the word’s power and autonomy for women. 

Virgin Beauty B!tch aren’t words women can dismiss or escape. These words are ideas and ideals that have become a birthright of power, and privilege passed on in the psyche of men to boys. We must understand how these three words suppress, dictate, and suck the humanity out of women’s lives.

We discuss the history and power of the word “bitch” in modern North American culture including its origins in ancient Greek and Nordic culture and the Bible, and begin to understand femininity beyond tradition and patriarchy.

During our conversation we talk about:
  • The word bitch carries emotional weight for women due to its historical use as a tool of power to subordinate them.
  • The rise of the term bad bitch in pop culture has helped women redefine the word as a symbol of autonomy and empowerment.
  • Men use the word as a tool of power to establish dominance over women.
  • The use of the word bitch varies across different areas of common culture and has prickly edges that are hard to define.
  • The word Karen has a universal meaning and applies to a specific behavior, whereas bitch can take on various personas and attitudes.
  • “Bitch” was used to refer to women fighting for the right to vote during women’s suffrage in the United States.

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